Oct 11

Your 2017 Hollywood Swag Bag Gifting Opportunities are Here!


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Feb 25

Who needs an Oscar when you can win a Schquid?!


by Lisa Gal

Schmovie by Galactic Sneeze is the hilarious game of made-up movies. Win trophies for writing funny titles for outlandish, made-up movies! Each round, you’ll roll the genre die (which has sci-fi, rom-com, horror, action, drama and producer’s choice), then draw two premise cards, one What? and one Who?. The combination of those three items gives you the concept for the movie. Now you just need to come up with a title. Do a good job, and you’ll win a schquid trophy; collect enough trophies, and you’ll win the game. What a great game for family fun on Oscar night! ABC thinks so. Check out their list of ideas to bring a little Hollywood home. We are thrilled to include the Schmovie Board Game in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to nominees, guests and talent staying at The Four Seasons Hotel honoring Oscar Weekend. Now on Amazon & at cool stores nationwide.

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Feb 25

Four Seasons Hotel Hollywood Swag Bag in Honor of Oscar Weekend


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Feb 10

2017 Hollywood Swag Bag Honoring Grammy Nominees at The Four Seasons Hotel


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Feb 09

2017 Hollywood Swag Bag Gifting Lounge Opportunity


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Feb 09

Nathalie Emmanuel Pays it Forward With Swag Gives Back


Thank you Nathalie Emmanual for tweeting your favorite item you received in your Hollywood Swag Bag! Through your generosity we will auction off one of our gift bags, because Swag Gives Back. The proceeds will benefit the Alabaster Mobile Clinic a non-profit, charitable healthcare organization. Visit their website at www.alabastermc.org to learn more.

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