Oct 13

2015 Red Carpet Award Seasons Product Placement Opportunities With Hollywood Swag Bag

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Nov 14

Hollywood Swag Bag featured on “Playing it Forward” with Christina Fulton TRadioV

We were honored to have been featured on Christina Fulton’s show “Playing it Forward” on November 11, 2014.  Check out the clip of the show!



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Oct 13

Alyssa Milano Sends a Note of Thanks!


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Oct 07

Alyssa Milano Helps “Give Back” to deserving Moms with her Tweet!

A big shout out to Alyssa Milano for helping Hollywood Swag Bag give back to deserving mom’s with Whole Foods!!Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.45.01 AM

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Sep 30

Stacy Keibler baby gets “gifted” by Hollywood Swag Bag


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Sep 30

Scarlett Johansson’s baby gets “gifted” by Hollywood Swag Bag


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Sep 30

Alyssa Milano’s new baby gets “gifted” by Hollywood Swag Bag


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Sep 30

Hollywood Swag Bag featured in National Examiner for Teen Choice 2014 Swag Giveaway

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Sep 07

Teen Choice Awards Nominee Zoey Deutch Helps Give Back to Her Charity of Choice with Hollywood Swag Bag

Teen Choice nominee Zoey Deutch helps support her charity The Corazon de Vida Foundation, by posing with her Hollywood Swag Bag, HSB auctioned off SWAG and proceeds of almost $500.00 are being sent to the foundation.  This makes for an amazing way for celebrities to receive some great SWAG and give back to their favorite charity at the same time.  Other celebrities partaking in the auctions are Ariel Winter, Caitlin Carmichael, Ricky Gervais and Dot Jones.  Here is a little information about Zoey’s charity of choice!


There are over 50 orphanages located in the state of Baja California, housing children that are orphaned or in need due to neglect, abuse and extreme poverty. These orphanages represent a better alternative than living on the streets or under dangerous and abusive circumstances. There is no government support for these orphanages, as Mexico does not have the same child welfare systems that exist in the US. Orphanages survive entirely through the generosity of individuals and organizations that have committed to support their work on behalf of the children.
Corazon de Vida Foundation

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Sep 07

Hollywood Swag Bag Partners with Whole Foods to Gift Deserving Moms via Celebrity Baby Gifting

Hollywood Swag Bag is joining forces with Whole Foods Market to Gift New Mom’s across the country that are deserving of the finest baby swag.  Whole Foods website will feature Hollywood Swag Bag’s Celebrity Baby Gift baskets every month and customers can help nominate deserving mother’s who are worthy of such amazing gifts!!

Hollywood Swag Bag founder Lisa Gal is joining forces with the renowned Whole Foods Store to gift deserving mother's amazing baby swag.

Hollywood Swag Bag founder Lisa Gal is joining forces with the renowned Whole Foods Store to gift deserving mother’s amazing baby swag.

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Sep 07

Hollywood Swag Bag Founder Lisa Gal Featured in Forbes Magazine as Celebrity Gifting Expert

Hollywood Swag Bag featured in Forbes magazine 2014

Hollywood Swag Bag featured in Forbes magazine 2014

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Sep 07

Ricky Gervais Tweets his Favourite SWAG from Hollywood Swag Bag Emmy 2014

Ricky Gervais Tweets @SwagGivesBack

Ricky Gervais Tweets @SwagGivesBack

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Aug 29

Dot Jones Poses with her 2014 Emmy Hollywood Swag Bag and GIVES BACK!

We are thrilled that Dot Jones from Glee stopped by for her 2014 Emmy Swag Gift Bag from Hollywood Swag Bag! Thank you Dot for taking the time to help Hollywood Swag Bag Give Back!!dotemmy2014small

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Aug 28

Caitlin Carmichael Poses with her 2014 Emmy Gift Bag from Hollywood Swag Bag

We are thrilled that Caitlin took the time to pose for us with her 2014 Emmy Swag.  Caitlin was on the Emmy Ballot for the Drama Series The Chosen!  Congrats Caitlin!  We are giving back in your name a BAG for the Bee Initiative.  Thank you for GIVING BACK! caitlinsmall

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Aug 28

2014 Hollywood Swag Bag Emmy Gift Bags Featured on Arizona Midday

Check out our television segment for the 2014 Emmy Swag on Arizona Midday


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Aug 28

2014 Hollywood Swag Bag Emmy Gift Bag Press Release Goes Live!

Check out our press release with all the featured brands that took part in our fabulous Emmy 2014 Hollywood Swag Bag!


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Aug 28

Ariel Winter Poses with her 2014 Emmy Hollywood Swag and GIVES BACK!


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Aug 28

Introducing The 2014 Hollywood Swag Bag Emmy Nominee Gift Bag


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Aug 07

2014 Teen Choice Swag Bag Press Release is LIVE! Win a Swag Bag of your own!



Read all about how you can win your very own Teen Choice Swag Bag

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Aug 07

2014 Teen Choice Award Hollywood Swag Bags for the Nominees

2014 Teen Choice Awards Gift Bags from Hollywood Swag Bag are amazing!! The nominees are going to LOVE them!


Secure on Style Handbag www.secureonstyle.com

Swimsuit by Swimsuits Direct www.swimsuitsdirect.com

Interchangeable Leggings By OPPOS www.oppos.com

Cosmetics by MicaBeauty www.micabeauty.com

Fruity Pebble and Cocoa Pebbles by Post Brand Cerealwww.postfoods.com/our-brands/pebbles

Vaseline Men’s and Women’s Spray Lotions www.vaseline.us

Suave Visible Glow Self Tanning Body Lotion www.suave.com

Packable Pails www.packablepails.com

Bombshell Beauty Hair Accessories www.bombshellbeauty.com

Beverly Hills Psychic’s $100.00 gift certificate www.beverlyhillspsychics.com

Seasnax www.seasnax.com

Adams Attic CD www.facebook.com/pages/Adams-Attic/7152084006

Puppy Cat Talking Plush www.welovefine.com

Singing the Song of Life Book by Debra Beryle www.SingingTheSongofLife.com

All Natural Body Care by Destiny Boutique www.destinyboutique.com

Spot-Light Clip It Hair Extension www.itsacliphair.com

French Vanilla Popcorn www.JustPoppin.com

Amy’s Organic Andy’s Dandy Candy Bars www.amys.com

biochemistry Heel No Pain by Dr. Haworth biochemistry.la/home

Oscar William Cotton Candy www.oscarwilliamcottoncandy.com

Serious Serum www.seriousserum.com

Bazooka Bubble Gum www.facebook.com/bazookabubblegum

Ring Pop www.facebook.com/ringpop

EXO Supply Nail Polish Remover www.EXOSUPPLY.com

Makeup Brush by Luxie Lush www.luxielush.com

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