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Oscar SWAG Featured on ABC News

Featured on ABC today for our Oscar Gift Bags.  Check it out here

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Oscar SWAG Bag 2011

With Susan Kiley, Melissa Laskin, FabriceTracy Vignati, AnnaMaria Linga, Caviar E Xtract, Kathy Miller, Joann Murray Godwin, Christine Maslanka,Carla Masterson, Rachael Honowitz, Lisa Cocuzza,Alan Scott, Jenny Koesling and Julia Lambie.

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Oscar Bags Featured on Carolina TV Talk Show

Our Oscar bags are featured on a talk show this morning!  Check it out on Your Carolina TV

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Kelly and John say Thank You!

John Travolta and Kelly Preston say thank you for their Hollywood Baskets baby basket. Thank you to all of you who took part.

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Nahla’s Birthday Gift Basket

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