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2012 Ojai Celebrity Retreat Photo Gallery

Check out our Facebook Photo Gallery from the Ojai Celebrity Retreat!   What a fantastic time!  

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TED Premier 1000 Gift bags!

1000 gift bags for the TED premiere.  WHEW!

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Maggie Gyllenhall Gets Gifted by Hollywood Swag Bag

Maggie Gyllenhall baby basket for Gloria Ray! Thank you to all of you who took part! — with phytomer USA, Nancy Leotta, Fiafini, Judith Raye Designs, Lil Miss Sweet Pea Boutique, Holly Bates,Joann Murray Godwin, Moody Skincare, Erin KrinklzBaby, Likewise Skin Care, Bari Koral, Darlene Roberts Giol, Jennifer Taday Thomas, scentsy,sunny sleevz, Dashiel St. Damien, dreamworks publishing, Ela Lewicki Cacciola, Oxylent Breath Life,Amy Gersh Rzepka, Deborah DidiPop Poppink,Jennifer Ormond, Julia Lambie, The Dog Dicer, Flat Out of …

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Katherine Heigl Gets Gifted by Hollywood Swag Bag

Katherine Heigl new baby girl basket! — with Nancy Leotta, Jennifer Taday Thomas, Raenita Bennett Deal, Julia Lambie, Ela Lewicki Cacciola, Jennifer Ormond, Amy Gersh Rzepka, Jin Jun, Joann Murray Godwin, Deborah DidiPop Poppink, Bari Koral, Trina Unverzagt, Lori Cohn, Carla Masterson, Erin KrinklzBaby, Gail Squire Cruz and Tracy Saunders.

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