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Mother’s Day Gifts on Hollywood Baskets!

  Don’t forget the special Mom in your life this coming Mother’s Day with a gift from our sister site Hollywood Baskets!  Serving the entertainment industry since 1999, we’ll show the most special lady in your life why she is the BEST mom ever! You can order online or give us a call for personal …

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Holly Madison Tweets Us!

Holly Madison loves the basket Hollywood Swag Bag Baby gifting club sent her with all of the amazing products inside! Thank you to all of you who are taking part with our gifting this year. I have many surprises in store for all of you!!

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Perez Hilton Thanks us for his Baby Gift Bag!

Perez sent us this cool photo signed to thank us for the Basket we sent him. He also emailed and tweeted us! Love Ya Perez! — with Jennifer Taday Thomas and Deborah Smiley Kerner.

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Hollywood Swag Bag is interviewed by District V about the 2013 Oscar Gift Bag for nominees. — with Jennifer Taday Thomas, Pattie Goldsmith Lerner, Germaine Zimet, Alycia Tang, Alan Scott, Debbie McCune and Lisa Gal Bianchi at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

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Perez Hilton Tweets Us and Emails Us!

Perez Hilton Tweets us and emails us! The email reads: “Thank you, Lisa, for sending over a lovely basket for my son! Sooooo thoughtful and appreciated! xoxo Perez”                        

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