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Jessica Alba Gets Gifted by Hollywood Swag Bag

Jessica Alba Baby Basket — with Victoria McGee Walton, Donna Cravotta, Trina Unverzagt, Nicole Hays Derryberry, Galloping Minds. Andrea Anderson., Burpalicious, Lovely Liya Couture, redsnapper™ baby,Drink Oxylent. Breathe Life. and Emerald Mystique

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Victoria Beckham says Thank You

Victoria Beckham says thank you for her gift basket! Thank you to all of you who took part!! — with Trina Unverzagt, Donna Cravotta, Debby Fireman, Victoria McGee Walton, Erin KrinklzBaby, Deborah Wuest,Eirianedd Oser,  Galloping Minds,  Drink Oxylent. Breathe Life., Lovely Liya Couture and exhibit kids

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Katy Perry’s Receives Her Gift

Katy Perry Receives her gift from our correspondent Nick. Unfortunately she did not pose with the basket but was very excited for the most elaborate gift she said she ever got. We cannot wait to hear her feedback on all the gifts and her custom Mixer by Un Amore. 🙂

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Khloe and Lamar Say Thank You!

Look what we got! Khloe and Lamar sent us n autographed photo:) They said they LOVED their Hollywood Basket and Kitchen Aid Mixer!! — with Julia Lambie, Lisa Cocuzza, Terry Carter, Megan Faulkner Brown, Yoki K Hanley, Mg Visual, Sylvie de Gil, Christopher Bulzis, Shains Revolution, Drink Oxylent. Breathe Life. and Un Amore Custom Designs

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Fashion Carnival Gift Bags

Fashion Carnival Gift bags for this amazing film shoot with VIP’s. Thank you to all of you who participated at such last minute. Tomorrow is the event and we will keep you posted! — with Allison Hayes, Lisa Gal Bianchi, Yoki K Hanley and Tracy Saunders  Click here for our Facebook Gallery of Photos PRESS RELEASE UNITED CINEMA GROUP, SILLS MODELS …

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