I just wanted to thank Lisa and Julie and all the other people that took part in putting the Hollywood swag bags together. As you know I have seven brands I represent. We have done many gifting suites in the fifteen years I have been working in the entertainment industry. I am truly impressed with the organization, celebrity attendance, and the uploading to the sites with the tagging of the companies and celebrities. You by far have surpassed all other gifting suites we have attended that charged well over the price. Normally an event takes place and a week later we are still trying to get a link or email with photos. Thanks you girls for coming through and really hitting a home run with this event. Please let me know the date of your next event.
~Holly Davidson


I reached out to HSB to help my company promote our jewelry. They were not only totally professional, they actually got our jewelry into the hands of celebrities right away. Alyssa Milano wrote a great thank you card and tweeted! Kate Hudson wore a necklace of ours to an event and the photographs were seen all over the web. Thank you Hollywood Swag Bag!!
~Kim Pauley- Shame on Jane (Westport, CT)


As someone outside of Hollywood, it is easy to get caught up in the fascination of its glamour. I often get pitched by agencies using what I call the “dog & pony’ show. They make all sorts of promises about celebrities engaging with your brand. They show examples that seem too good to be true. And then you realize that the examples are from years ago and you understand that there are no guarantees. However, working with Lisa Gal and her Hollywood Swag Bags, is the diamond in this crazy business. She makes 110% effort to get each brand proper exposure. And her communication is amazing. She answers all your questions, provides on going updates and does exactly what she says she is going to do. And unlike many of her jaded peers, she seems as excited as us to share the wins and celebrity lists. Two of my clients have had great success and leverage these opportunities received by Lisa Gal. I highly recommend working with her if you are looking to have your brand in the hands of top notch celebrities.

Kim Livengood

the Eclipse Agency



Thanks for hosting such a great gift bag. Your professionalism really is above a lot of other people that we’ve worked with. I hope we have the pleasure of working with you again.
Best wishes,
Co-Founder, Toji


On behalf of all of us at Capo Nata Apparel, I want to express our heartfelt appreciation for all of your hard work and efforts! Also, thank you for doing such a wonderful job presenting the Lean Body Sports Bra in the video! We really appreciate your keeping us so up to date since the Oscar’s. It has been a real pleasure working with you.



Hollywood baskets got my product eatwhatever, right into the hands of the worlds most famous actors as well as on ABC4 television! Lisa is a joy to work with and the entire process was simple and easy. I would recommend passing your product into Lisa’s capable hands anyday!



Lisa, I Just wanted to thank you for the smooth and seamless coordination of the Emmy Awards gift baskets project. I enjoyed working with you very much, you are a true professional with excellent communication skills. I look forward to working with you in the future; please include me in upcoming award shows.”
Best Regards,Carolina De Los Prados

CAROLINA Beverly Hills     http://carolinashowapparel.com/


My first event with Hollywood Swag Bag exceeded my expectations. Every promise was delivered which is near impossible to have happen anywhere. Lisa was always extremely prompt in her replies to any questions I had and every issue was efficiently addressed. The Facebook Group page she created for the gifting participants  was outstanding and the communication stream from Lisa was unparalleled. On top of everything, it was evident that Lisa cares and she made me feel important. You couldn’t ask for more.

Elena Yearly
Nostalgia Baskets



People like you are very rare. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity of spirit.  You have done so much for me and my book that my feelings of gratitude are beyond words… Doors are opening daily and opportunities for my book’s success have multiplied since I have had the Great privilege of becoming a part of your Beautiful Gift Baskets.   Your company “Hollywood  Baskets” is a beautiful reflection of your Huge Giving Heart.    Thank you, in Highest Regard,

Carla Masterson- Author of “What’s On The Other Side Of The Rainbow? http://www.harmonysoup.com


We were selected to participate in The Oscar 2010 SWAG bag with Hollywood Baskets.  We provided Diamantine lab diamond Jewelry for the celebrity bags.

We are very happy with the outcome.  The Hollywood Baskets (We Place Your Product Team) introduced Diamantine lab diamonds to most of the Oscar Nominees as well as Oprah Winfrey!  Since the event, we have had contact with Mrs. Bridge’s (Jeff Bridges Wife) who love’s Diamantine, we couldn’t be happier.

Hollywood Baskets is the go to company for getting your product a celebrity audience.

~Louisa Johnson



Working with Hollywood Baskets Comment: I have had the opportunity to gift to several stars baby baskets. Each time Lisa of Hollywood Baskets has been fabulous to work with! She makes a gorgeous basket! I have been very pleased with the service I have gotten and the professional pictures provided to me of the baskets. I really love working with Lisa. She treats you like a long time friend and is quick to answer any questions you may have. She is truly a gem! And she puts up with my frequent procrastination which makes her #1 in my book! Wonderful company, wonderful owner, wonderful experience.

~Happy Client~


I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Lisa and her company, We Place Your Product, several times.  My jewelry business was chosen by Lisa to provide earrings for the 2010 Oscar gift bags.  When I was contacted by Lisa for this event, I was  blown away and honored to say the least!!   That was my first introduction to Lisa and her company.  I was extremely pleased with how the event was handled and the exposure she brought to my jewelry business.  She was professional, courteous and prompt in talking to me about the event and in answering any questions I had.  She has since contacted me for different events to be a part of and it has always been a pleasure and an honor to work with her.  We Place Your Product has been a great company to work with to help my small business gain some very big time exposure with some high profile clients that I couldn’t otherwise establish.  I highly recommend anyone looking to gain some big exposure with A-List celebs to consider working with Lisa and her top notch company….you will not be disappointed!!  Being able to use this in my advertising and marketing has given me an edge over my competition, which I need as the handmade jewelry industry is always growing and competitive!

Because of this professional relationship, I feel I have also established a friendship with her via the internet as we are on different coasts and haven’t met face to face, but have via the phone, facebook and emails!  🙂  I  highly recommend using Lisa and her company to help your business gain some big time exposure, you won’t be disappointed in the return on your investment!

Dawn Wellspring

SHADES Jewelry


Working with Hollywood baskets has been an amazing experience, we were thrilled to have our UV protection Sunny Sleeve ,included in the Grammy and Oscar gift bags this year.

We also contributed UV stroller blankets to the baskets that went to Natalie Portman and Christina Applegate to welcome their new babies.

Lisa is such a pleasure to work with and her patience with our last minute drop-offs is much appreciated!

Many thanks


Dashiel St. Damien



itiba, LLC posted on We Place Your Product’s Wall. “Lisa Gal Bianchi of Hollywood Baskets is a true joy to work with, especially in an environment when things are usually hustle and bustle. Lisa makes you feel as though you are the only person she has to deal with at the moment and makes sure that you have a superb understanding of all that is required on both parts. Hollywood Baskets are consummate elegance and beauty! I have worked with Lisa on several different projects in the past and will ALWAYS continue to work with her because of her professionalism, dedication, and wonderful spirit. You will not regret your choice of Hollywood Baskets for your gifting needs. ~ Yoki K Hanley of itiba, LLC~ Nature. Earth. Beauty. Caribbean Naturals for your Skin!”


I love working with Hollywood Swag Bag (We Place Your Product). They care as much for my brand as I do. Their events and gift baskets are the best and the classiest!!! Thanks ladies
Jennifer Gerard~ Whitening Lightning

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