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Jewel Gets Gifted by Hollywood Swag Bag

Jewel gift basket — with Donna Cravotta, Susie Kreitman Taylor, Jennifer Ormond, Andrea Anderson, Erin KrinklzBaby, Bari Koral, Trina Unverzagt and Deborah Wuest.

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Kate Hudson Gets Gifted by Hollywood Swag Bag

Kate Hudson Baby Basket July 2011 — with Bari Koral, Andrea Anderson, Donna Cravotta, Erin KrinklzBaby, Trina Unverzagt, Veronica’s Treats,Lisa Cocuzza, Deborah Wuest, Tabitha Baxter-Blackburn, Bibbitec Gang, Jennifer Ormond, Susie Kreitman Taylor and Galloping Minds.

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Selma Blair Gets Gifted By Hollywood Swag Bag

Selma Blair Gift basket. — with Erin KrinklzBaby,Julia Lambie, Victoria McGee Walton, Donna Cravotta, Acharya Sri Khadi Madama, Jennifer Ormond, Trina Unverzagt, Drink Oxylent. Breathe Life. and Burpalicious

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