Updates from the MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge

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MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge here we come! We cannot wait to share celebrity photos and details with all of you šŸ™‚

Get ready for update from Gift Lounge. We have lots of Disney kid actors here taking pics withĀ Terra’s TreasuresĀ bags,Ā Veronica’s TreatsĀ andĀ Jennifer Ormond‘s DJ’s Allergies. Also we have Lorenzo Lamas. By the time he made it through we were out of goodies so we had him pose with our sample Hail Merry Bag.

There are many soap actors here from The Young and Restless. I am recognizing comedian Judy Denuta. Oh, there goes Judd Nelson…but her does not stop to see us.

Rachael and Dustin from Millionaire Matchmaker are very happy to stop and pose for photos.

We have some young actors from the new film Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz.

anyone a fan of the new film Prom? We have several cast members here from that film.

Mark Christopher Lawrence from Chuck is posing with our products.

Jessica “Sugar” Kiper from survivor, Mike Manning (Real World), Mike Madsen’s wife Deanna is picking up some goodies for her hubby.

Sasha Piertiese from Good Luck Chuck loves our gift bags.

James Pitt from Avatar is so kind to pose with most of our product. Photos coming soon!

Dendre Taylor “The Fighter”, Cedric Sanders “The Social Network”, and BooBoo Stewart from The Twilight Series make their was to our table.

Lester Speight fromTransformers 3, Dijon Dalton from GLEE, and Sinqua Walls from Secret Lives of American Teenagers are posing.

Photos from the gift lounge will be posted as soon as I receive them. I took a few photos on my camera which I will download in a few. The rest I should receive tomorrow.

Press List for the gift lounge today is as follows: US Weekly, Los Angeles Daily News, Runway Magazine, E! Entertainment, Rolling Stone Magazine, Swag N Style, Variety, Vogue, Vibe Magazine, Media Planet, YouTube Press and more.

posted as many photos as I took from the lounge on my camera. When I get the professional ones I will post those! hopefully tomorrow šŸ™‚ Night night! I am beat!
MTV Movie Awards gift lounge was a success!!

Still have 125 or so more photos to download and identify. Tomorrow is another day and there will be more photos from the MTV Movie Awards lounge. If you recognize some of these actors please let me know as I never have time for TV.

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