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It’s a Glam Thing presents “ Hollywood Baskets-Beautiful Baskets for Celebrity Gifting”

Hollywood Baskets located in Burbank CA and founded by Lisa Gal specializes in celebrity and five star clientele gifting. Celebrities such as Tori Spelling, Kate Hudson, Selma Blair & Alyson Hannigan have received bountiful baby gift baskets from Hollywood Baskets. Mario Lopez loves his Hollywood Basket that he received at the My Big Night Out backstage event and the list goes on and on. What Hollywood Baskets is most known for our their Award show gift baskets and here are some of the goodies celebs find inside them:

Dakini Designs is hot in Hollywood right now and stars love finding Dakini Designs in their gift baskets.  You can find the products at: 

Moove Culture Auto- Brella Automatic Umbrella are recently launched and can be found in “Hollywood Baskets”. The stars are the first to know about these!  You can find the products;at:

Neydharting Moor Skincare puts together a variety of skincare products for lucky celebrities packaged so nicely!  You can find the products at:

Big Buddha Purses – female celebrities love them and male celebrities love to surprise their girlfriends and wives with them! Celebrities will be finding the Courtney Cream Design in their Hollywood Gift Baskets soon in celebration of the upcoming Emmy Awards.  You can find the products at:

GlossyBox Beauty Boxes are making a splash in Hollywood and Lisa Gal has snatched a bunch of them up for celebrity gifting.  You can find the products at: .

Hungry Girl mania has swept Hollywood. Hungry Girl 200 under 200 (book) includes 200 recipes under 200 calories! Great for celebrities to hand over to their personal chefs or to use themselves.  You can find the products at: .

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