Anna Faris Says Thank You!

Love Anna Faris! What a sweetie!! She thanked us for her Hollywood Basket Baby Basket today. She even sent a sweet note saying she was sorry for the delay in thanking us. — with Tracy Saunders, Nancy LeottaErin KrinklzBaby, Lori CohnJennifer OrmondDarlene Roberts GiolJennifer Taday ThomasDelores Gigi Hamilton-ButlerSusan Kiley,Judith Raye PaintingsBari KoralAmy Gersh RzepkaJulia LambieCarla MastersonJin Jun,Alexis Stein TandeDeborah DidiPop Poppink,  Ela Lewicki CacciolaDrink Oxylent. Breathe Life.Sunny SleevezVita Coco and Flat Out of Heels, LLC

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