Hollywood Swag Bag client Emily Lopez of Purple Posom made the NEWS for her product.

Hollywood Swag Bag client Emily Lopez of Purple Posom made the NEWS for her product. Way to go Emily! Check it out! Small correction…the basket will be featured in The People Magazine Baby Blog Online on September 3rd, 2013

ODESSA, Mo. — The Royals are excitedly announcing the arrival of a new baby boy. And just like any new parents, Kate and Will are going to be swamped with gifts. One of the gift baskets coming to them from Hollywood will include a local woman’s creative creations.

Emily Lopez started her business, Purple Possom, out of her home as a way to make a little extra money on the website called Etsy. She was happy when she was making ten sales a day, but now she’s up to some 70 a day. And soon her product just might be worn by the third in line to the throne.

Her main product she sells is a sticker that you can peel off and stick to a child’s onesie, and then take a picture of the baby to document their growth. Lopez says the idea came to her when her sons were babies because she wanted an easier way to document their growth every month.

“I started making them because I was tired of the little signs you hold up you know that say ‘one month, two month’ and these were easier,” she says, “I could customize them with his name.”

Her own kids were the inspiration, but lots of people loved the idea. Within a year she made one-thousand sales from her website on Etsy.
“And now I have more than 50,000 sales and we’re the number one seller on Etsy right now for children,” she says.

And then Hollywood came calling. Actually, a company called Hollywood Swag Bags. Now her monthly baby stickers are included in gift baskets going to celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian.

“They’re going to Kate Middleton in September and it will be featured in People Magazine in the September issue,” Lopez says, “I never expected it to go this far, I was happy when I was getting 10 sales on Etsy every day. So to giving it to celebrities is crazy but it’s exciting.”

Lopez says she’s been paying attention to the “royal baby watch” and can’t believe this little idea that started with her kids, could soon adorn a royal baby.

“That would be crazy if we actually got to see a picture of the little one in the stickers,” she said.

Lopez only sells her products online right now but hopes that within a year she will open up her own boutique children’s clothing shop in Odessa.

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