Hollywood Swag bag Gives Back to Disabled Children who Cannot Trick or Treat.

Shaun Royer presents Thriller Tonight a Ghoulish Musical to benefit children that cannot trick or treat. The event happens on Sunday October 27, 2013 from 2-4. Hollywood Swag Bag and all of out generous donors have provided the gift bags for the event. — with Arnold Rudnick, ESpete Sixth Grade Sense, sheba’s secrets,special something boutique, Christi Enwright GuthrieJin Jun, jagorb, udderly smooth, Post Brand Cereal, Tyne-James Organ – The Justin Bieber of the Illawarra,  The Dipr, Planet BAMPenta Water,Positive Connections to the WorldMy Little Black BoxHollywood Swag BagTat Patch,Stylez by T & C and Calipz


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