SleevePal to take part in the HSB Four Seasons gift bag honoring Golden Globe Nominees and talent


With the holidays that have just past, many people received, or gave, gift cards as presents. Most of those, or others,  may already have gift and debit cards that they’ve only used once, or have never used at all!

Most of the time, the gift card holder can’t remember what the balance is on the card. Due to inconvenience, busy lives, or just unable to access info via internet or phone, many cards go unredeemed.

However, there is now an affordable solution! A brand new unique, sturdy, easy-to-use, gift card sleeve that helps solve this dilemma…

It’s called the SleevePal®..a gift card sleeve with balance log. The SleevePal® was created, patented, trademarked and manufactured by a single mom and her teenage daughter, Beni. When they didn’t know the balance left on her gift cards because she could not find the little white receipts, and the internet was down, they came up with this idea. SleevePal® helps keep track of transactions and remaining balance left on gift, and even debit cards! The variety of patterns and colors are loved by not just females, but males as well!

Go check out the current 22 different SleevePals® available at, or call 954-871-3995 for more info.



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