A Candle on a Mission


By Lisa Gal

Made with a Mission is the brainchild of entrepreneur Laura Cameron. Housed in beautiful recycled glass not only is Cameron helping to save the environment, but 49% of her sales go to the Springs Rescue Mission in Colorado. Just like the second chance the recycled beer and wine bottles are given that had been once tossed aside, the people at the mission are also given that same opportunity, a second chance. Cameron leases a workshop on the missions campus where she holds workshops, but she also hires clients from the Springs Rescue Mission as a place for them to learn and help with their rehabilitation. Now that’s a purchase you can feel good about. Made with a Missions seasonal Spring candle with Black Currant and Spearmint (Barber Shop with Bergamot and Spicy Vanilla pictured) will be gifted in the Four Seasons Hotel Gift Bag to honor SAG Award Nominees and talent this red carpet weekend.

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