The Ballet Flat, Reinvented


By Lisa Gal

Comfortable shoes for your purse? Why yes! Tieks ballet flats seem like simple flats, but they are anything but simple. They take 3 days and 150 steps to make one pair! With their split rubber soles for folding and their advanced foam cushion for all day comfort, your feet will be sure to thank you again and again. These flexible yet durable shoes use the finest leather (or vegan textiles depending on your preference) to make them wearable all day, everyday. With over 60 styles to choose from they still sell out fast. Pop them in your handbag for emergency foot relief or start off your day with their classic elegance, sure to polish off any look! The Four Seasons Hotel Gift Bag will include a gift certificate for a pair of Tieks to honor RED CARPET Weekend. Now that is something to talk about!

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