Let Talaria Help you Continue on Your Journey Day or Night

Talariaby Lisa Gal

You’re at your best friends wedding (insert your activity, here… work party, night out, shopping, dinner, etc. you get the idea) and you’re in your favorite heels that match that perfect dress and you think for a minute…are my feet going to be killing me by the end of the night? You shrug and put those torture spikes on anyway. Then midnight rolls around and your dogs are barking! This is when you do the unthinkable and take your shoes off so you can dance the night away on that dirty dance floor. If you were in your right mind (ie. not in severe pain), you would never do such a thing. Let Talaria Flats keep your feet a shade (or 5) lighter with their handy folding ballerinas, no clean-up required. Your feet will purr all the way home.


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