Fifteen Packs of Authentic Flavors of Traditional Mexican Horchata To-Go


By Lisa Gal

RumChata is like the Caribbean in a glass. Made with Horchata and rum this liquor is perfect by itself or on the rocks. Horchata is made with dairy cream, rice, vanilla and cinnamon and is a very popular drink in the Hispanic community. Add the 5 times distilled Caribbean rum to Horchata and RumChata takes on the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal being eaten on the beach. Their new Mini Chatas are perfect for hot drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, chai tea, and more. Mini Chatas make it easy to add delicious flavor, anytime. Now we know why they also call it YumChata! Be sure to check out their website for recipes, the possibilities seem endless. The guests of The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills will be enjoying these new single sized servings in their room this award season.

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