Discover the Foods Which Make You Sick or Overweight with Pinnertest

pinnertest-food-tolerance-600x320by Lisa Gal

For years I have struggled with food allergies, bloating and many doctor visits. Who knew I was intolerant to food that was basically apart of my everyday life! Pinnertest helped me identify what foods I couldn’t digest properly and through that test I discovered I was intolerant to chicken and turkey. Who knew! Since cutting it out of my diet I no longer feel bloated and the weight is dropping on it’s own and I actually find that I am eating more food and enjoying it more as well!

Pinnertest tests for 200 food types and after they receive the blood sample (just a finger prick), it only takes 10 days for your results! The results are easy to understand and are labeled clearly as to which you can’t digest, those are your Pinnertest Food Intolerances. Learn your intolerances now, with the most accurate and easy-to-perform Test.

The guests and nominees for the awards this weekend staying at the Four Seasons Hotel will be receiving their complimentary test in their Hollywood Swag Bags.

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