A little Revolution Now and Then is a Good Thing


by Lisa Gal

We are excited to have Rebel Green take part in our Hollywood Swag Bags for the 2017 award show season. This weekend we will be honoring the Grammy nominees staying at The Four Seasons Hotel for the red carpet weekend. Everyone loves to know they are cleaning with environmentally friendly cleaners. Rebel Green was born out of that determination to make highly effective and natural cleaners with that chic, edgy and rebellious flair that defines their products.  Rebel Green only creates products made right here in the USA that are specifically designed to minimize waste and motivate a fundamental shift in thinking about the planet we share. Get on board with Rebel Green by making the world a healthier place by taking care of yourself and your environment naturally. You will also help The Salvation Army when you treat yourself to the Rebel Green Gift Set. Rebel Green is proud to donate a portion of each sale from their gift set to The Salvation Army.

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