How Primed Optimizes You


by Lisa Gal

Primed was formulated specifically for gamers. Our clinical trial showed up to a 15% increase in hand eye coordination speed with subjects taking Primed. Multiple eSports professional athletes gave their personal input to help us perfect the formula we have today. Not only can Primed help you with your focus and memory, it was also developed to help reduce hand jitters and eye fatigue. Available in two flavors, Berry and Orange, all of Primed Lab’s ingredients were specifically chosen to fit our patent pending formulation. Primed Labs utilizes only trusted sources insuring the highest quality raw materials possible. Primed Lab’s ingredients are tested for safety both prior to use as well as on finished products to insure the highest possible quality when manufacturing. We are excited to have them take part in our Hollywood Swag Bags honoring the Grammy nominees staying at The Four Seasons Hotel this red carpet weekend!

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