Conquer the Universe With Elephant Trunks


by Lisa Gal

As a woman I must admit, we have so many styles and fabrics for our unmentionables, but what about for men? You are pretty much stuck with cotton, most likely some kind of woven knit or cotton blend.  But men, what if you could have a velvet front panel and undercarriage incorporated (plush side in of course)? Pretty sure that would put a skip in your step. Well, wish no longer because the brainchild of Elephant Trunks, Ilenna Copley from Australia, has made her dream come to fruition. She has also expanded her brand to include Everyday Elephants, Wet Elephants (swimwear), custom elephants and more coming soon! This month these luxury briefs will be gifted in the Hollywood Swag Bags being given to the nominees and talent staying at the Four Seasons Hotel honoring Oscar weekend.

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