Turn Your Lips Into a Dangerous Temptation


by Lisa Gal

We all know there’s nothing better than finding the perfect shade of lipstick. Offered in a spectrum of fun colors, the MINXX collection will brighten up both moods and lips in a flash. MINXX offers 46 carefully chosen shades that include nudes and neutrals, all the way to stand out shades of orange and purple. The long wearing crème lipsticks and weightless non-sticky liquid lipsticks all boast names that evoke numerous moods and emotions. Popular shades include Seduce in the crème lipstick range and Scandal liquid lipstick, both rich reds. We are excited to have them take part in our Four Seasons Hotel Gift Bags being gifted to nominees, talent and guests Honoring Oscar Weekend. Who knows, MINXX crème lipstick in Sultry, might just show up on the red carpet!

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