Chimply the Most Comfortable Bamboo Clothing


by Lisa Gal

Based locally in Melbourne, Bamboo Monkey takes great pride in creating men’s and women’s clothing and socks, designed with sustainability in mind. Eco-friendly innovation and a responsible fashion industry is more important than ever before, that’s why they believe in being accountable in our stylistic choices. Bamboo is a superior quality material and is harvested to produce clothes designed to last – unlike the cheap cotton stuff you get from a large-chain fashion store. In addition, the anti-bacterial factor of bamboo clothing means that it doesn’t start to smell too easily – you can wear a pair of our bamboo socks, singlets, sweatpants, or t shirts for a longer period of time, without risking the odor that comes with it. Watch their video to learn more. A pair of these funky Bamboo Monkey socks have been gifted to the nominees, talent and guests staying at The Four Seasons Hotel honoring Oscar weekend.

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