Real-Life Wisdom from Empowered Women Who Wanted More

by Lisa Gal

When women come together, they thrive. When women write together, they empower. When women unite together, they change the global landscape for the better. Get ready to learn from eighteen phenomenal business leaders who have come together to share their business domination stories for your benefit.

This purpose-driven anthology is led by The Women’s Biz Tribe founder Annie Gibbins who leads the way when it comes to taking actionable steps to get optimum results. You are guaranteed to have many takeaways from the numerous industry experts who have shared their genius in this next-level read! This book will inspire, empower and guide women to want more, achieve more, and be the best versions of themselves.

We are thrilled to include a copy of Business Domination in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to nominees honoring Oscar weekend!

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