Flavor Fusion: Erry’thang Sauces – Elevate Every Bite!

At 43 years old, I’m a Black woman hailing from Chicago, now selling Asian sauce in Puerto Rico—a unique twist that grabs attention. What truly captivates people, though, is the distinctive sauce I’ve crafted. In Puerto Rico, a significant challenge is the lack of diverse and flavorful food options. Since my move, I’ve observed a prevalence of fried dishes lacking the spice and variety I cherish. Motivated to address this, I took action.

Recognizing an opportunity, I partnered with a local food truck, introducing my line of sauces to infuse a burst of flavor into their offerings. My commitment extends beyond creating great-tasting food; it’s about making a positive impact in the community. Through Erry’thang Sauce’s success, I aim to inspire fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners to enrich their communities, contributing to a more vibrant and flavorful Puerto Rico.

Erry’thang Sauce was created in my home for my family who loved Asian cuisine. I began sharing this sauce with friends who immediately identified the taste as a culinary game-changer. As an Asian fusion sauce, we bring an explosion of garlic and heat to any dish. Our versatile sauce can be used in various ways – marinade your fish and meats, top your salads and veggies, or enhance your pasta. We strive to infuse flavor into “Erry’thang,” creating a one-of-a-kind experience with every bite.

Whether you’re a home cook or dining out this sauce will be your new go-to! We pride ourselves on using high-quality ingredients that ensure exceptional taste and consistency across all our products.

With Erry’thang Sauce, you can step outside your culinary comfort zone and infuse your meals with a burst of flavor. We are excited to bring a whole new dimension to your meals and leave you craving for more. Embrace the thrill of flavor and make every dining experience extraordinary with Erry’thang Sauce!

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