Expressive Wines with Uncompromising Quality

Marchelle is a melding of “Mara and Michelle”, the names of founders Greg La Follette and his partner Kevin Lee’s wives, and illustrates a remarkable culmination of their friendship, expertise, passion, and deep respect for unique and interesting vineyards that is a love story told through wine to their wives.

Our portfolio of wines embodies an unwavering commitment to quality and elegance. From vibrant Chardonnays and exquisite Pinot Noirs to captivating heritage Rhone varietals, each wine is a true reflection of the vineyard and the varietal’s unique characteristics.

With meticulous attention to detail, Marchelle employs traditional winemaking techniques combined with modern innovations to create wines that harmonize balance, finesse, and complexity. The resulting wines display a purity of fruit, precise acidity, and seamless integration of flavors—a testament to Greg La Follette’s artistry and the exceptional vineyards from which the grapes are sourced.

We are super excited to welcome Marchelle Wines to our gifting. They will be offering nominees a toast with their sparkling wine! 


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