Nurturing Minds, Healing Hearts: Seva with Love’s Holistic Approach to Youth Mental Health

by Lisa Gal

In the face of alarming statistics revealing the staggering rates of mental health challenges among teens and young adults, organizations like Seva with Love are beacons of hope. Through a comprehensive array of holistic wellness programs, including mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, yoga, nutrition, and acupuncture, Seva with Love is dedicated to supporting the mental well-being of today’s youth.

The need for such initiatives is evident, with youth suicides ranking as the third leading cause of death in Los Angeles County alone. Shockingly, one in three teens will grapple with an anxiety disorder, a statistic that has risen over 20% in recent years. Equally concerning is the doubling of hospital admissions for teenagers attempting suicide and the significant increase in drug and alcohol use among teens.

Seva with Love‘s mission goes beyond mere intervention; it’s about fostering a community where teens and young adults feel supported, understood, and empowered. By addressing mental health through holistic approaches and community engagement, Seva with Love is paving the way for a brighter, healthier future for our youth.

We are thrilled to bring awareness to Seva with Love as our non-profit in this year’s Hollywood Swag Bags honoring the Oscar nominees.

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