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Placing products for Mother’s Day Gifts NBC TV segment!

Placing products for Jewish Times Gift Guide and Mother’s Day Gifts NBC TV segment. Email me if you are interested. lisagalbianchi@gmail.com Please do not send message on facebook.

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2015 Red Carpet Award Seasons Product Placement Opportunities With Hollywood Swag Bag

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Hollywood Swag Bag featured in National Examiner for Teen Choice 2014 Swag Giveaway

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Hollywood Swag Bag Upcoming Gift Bag and Gift Lounge Opportunities

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Hollywood Swag Bag Swags The Nominees for The 2014 Kids Choice Awards

Hollywood Swag Bag is so excited to Swag the nominees for Kids Choice Awards. Thank you to all of the fantastic brands that took part. #MaxlandToys #TipsyGirlWineDesign #DarbysEnglishToffee#FocalInstinctsPhotography #iCraveNaturals  #OPPOS#StarBars #DiDiPop #JenniferOrmond #Oxylent#AngieShelDesigns #TatPatch #SeaSnax #Rusk #HollywoodSwagBag  

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