Save a Barn, Shop the Farm!


By Lisa Gal

Walton Wood Farm is the perfect funky gift for the people you love, including yourself. With quirky names like “Week from Hell Hand Rescue” and “Dear Mom Recovery Bath” bath salts you are sure to please your recipient.

Being gifted in the Four Seasons Hotel Gift Bag to honor SAG Award Nominees and talent is “Winter’s a B*tch Hand Rescue” – because soft hands make better snowballs.  Give Old Man Winter the finger with this moisturizing, fast absorbing, peppermint buttercream formula.  Ingredients include shea butter, cocao butter and Japanese green tea.

Walton Wood Farm never uses SLS, parabens or dyes and all products are vegetarian friendly and cruelty free.

Winter may be a b*tch, but she’s our b*tch.

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