Classic, Custom and Made in Australia

burleeby Lisa Gal

Since 1974 Burlee has been hand-making their Australian “UGG” boots, four years before other competitors. Within Australia and New Zealand, the term “ugg” has been a well-known generic description of a sheepskin boot. What sets Burlee apart is their use of A-grade Australian Sheepskin and the fact that new patterns are constantly being created by their in-house designer. Inspirations also come from their production, retail or office teams and even from their customers. These patterns are hand cut and a sample is made. The sample is tested internally for functionality and aesthetics. Any necessary changes are made and testing is repeated until a final sample is approved.

There are seven stages in the production. At every stage each boot will undergo Quality Control to ensure only the highest quality is delivered. The award show nominees staying at the Four Seasons Hotel this weekend will be receiving a certificate in their Hollywood Swag Bag for a pair of their choice of Burlee boots.

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