Etkie: Invest In Women


by Lisa Gal

Etkie is a jewelry and accessories company committed to the financial and social empowerment of Native American women in New Mexico. Etkie is empowering Native American women with business opportunities that preserve their rich and diverse culture. Each 1/2 in. wrap bracelet is 6″ inches long, sewn onto genuine deerskin and finished with their custom button. This bracelet takes over four hours to make, so each bracelet truly is special. Since each bracelet is made by hand, minor variations may occur. Owner Sydney Alfonso says “The artisans work from home and create their own schedules according to their family and community needs”. What results are beautiful beaded bracelets that are equally traditional and modern. “Our artisans believe that when something is handcrafted, a piece of their spirit is infused in each piece,” Alfonso says. “With each stitch, you can tell it has been made with love.”

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