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Bentwood by Northwood

by Lisa Gal Looking for a unique gift or wedding band that is in harmony with nature? Northwood bentwood wooden rings has you covered. Created from mostly reclaimed wood, Northwood stands behind their support of preserving forests and only acquires any other materials from respectable companies. They “work to bring together the best of the heritage …

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SeaSnax for a Better you

by Lisa Gal Start 2017 off right with a little seaweed in your diet to add a little spring in your step.  SeaSnax are the lightly salted strangely addictive nutrient-rich roasted seaweed snack that is great with any meal. Get them in sheets, stix (my personal favorite), sprinkles or the snack style Chomperz. 100% organic extra virgin olive oil and …

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Timeless Portraits Worthy for the Ages

by Lisa Gal Reminiscent of Rembrandt, G.E. Masana’s heirloom portrait style is so unique he is sought out by art directors, actors, graphic artists, and fashion designers alike. One look at his work and you will see how he garners $5,000 a session as his commission. Evoking true emotion in his clients while adding his artistic brush strokes in post …

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A Truly Classical Pinot Noir

by Lisa Gal Steeped in rich history the Oregon lands of Del Rio Vineyards, which started as a one acre orchard and soon boomed to 800, is now a flourishing vineyard with over 300,000 vines. Not only do they produce their own label, but they are a key supplier for other fine winemakers. Their rocky hillside and southern facing …

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