Drink Ramune For The “Fun” of It


by Lisa Gal

We are excited to welcome back the fizzy, fun and refreshing asian soda Ramune to our Hollywood Swag Bags! The fun marble inside was initially created to hold in carbonation, but it is now a packaging innovation. Never have I had a soda that came with a challenge. You might have trouble opening the bottle at first, but that is part of the fun. Simply put pressure on the stopper to dislodge the marble and open up fizzy fun. Ramune Original is the one that started it all, with it’s unique flavor that no one can duplicate. Naturally flavored Ramune is brought to you by Sangaria and shipped straight from Japan keeping the rich Japanese culture alive. Hollywood Swag Bag will be gifting the beverage to the celebrity nominees, talent and guests staying at The Four Seasons Hotel honoring Grammy weekend. Taste a little of the history with Ramune.

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