Zirconmania Offers the Revolutionary Diamond Veneer Collection


by Lisa Gal

Founded in 1986,  Zirconmania is a jewelry designer & manufacture renowned for its high quality Trend, Bridge and Fashion jewelry. The Diamond Veneer Collection: Was launched in Nov. 2008, and is another great Zirconmania new innovation, by harnessing the development of extreme properties of diamonds at a nano-scale and add tremendous value to gem materials such as cubic zirconia that have long been used as inexpensive alternative diamonds. The Diamond-Veneer is based on the Zirconite Cubic Zirconia man-made gem that cannot be visually distinguished from a real diamond and is manufactured using nano-crystalline diamond like coating technology. Perfect for those that like fine jewelry, but don’t want their jewels lost while on vacation. Select nominees, guests and talent will be excited when they receive a pair of these 1 carat Diamond Veneer earrings included this weekend in the Hollywood Swag Bags Four Seasons Hotel Gift Bags Honoring Oscar Weekend.

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