When Birds Sing to be Gifted to 2023 Red Carpet Nominees

by Lisa Gal

We are thrilled to welcome to our gifting ‘When Birds Sing”,  by author Arielle Spring.
In ‘When Birds Sing – My Journey from Trauma to Triumph’,  Arielle Spring is a living example of a phoenix rising. She began her life in an idyllic setting surrounded by loving parents and a sibling. She started to soar as a classical pianist when she was mentored by a renowned piano teacher who believed she would one day become a concert pianist. However, her life took a sudden turn in her sophomore year of high school. She experienced a succession of traumas – two of which were sexual assault. Then she got word her piano teacher had suddenly passed away. She was left with guilt, shame, isolation, and heartbreak, but kept it all inside which resulted in her being stricken with PTSD which, left untreated, sent her into a downward spiral lasting over two decades.
After experiencing much more trauma, including becoming homeless, Arielle looked into the mirror one day, got on her knees, and concluded she was as low as she would allow herself to go. She began her ascent through hard work and dedication to discovering her true self. Arielle took a job as a domestic violence crisis group facilitator which inspired her to create her own dv support group to teach women to transition from the victim mentality. She went on to become a certified professional life coach and health coach. All the while, Arielle continued to pursue her own healing and growth.
Arielle’s heart-wrenching journey from trauma, abuse and lost identity to a courageous, self-empowered transformation will catapult you to change.
“Arielle’s story reminds us of the heartbreaking reality of how many girls and women are having similar experiences every day – everywhere. A must-read for parents and anyone on the receiving end of abuse. Arielle’s story will deeply impact anyone who reads it. Life changing.”
— Terrence D. Delehanty
“This is a special sharing… a long journey that rises from pain, sorrow, and confusion—and ultimately to a new hope. … you will experience the courage and evolution of the author as she creates her own happy ending. … A new day of never-ending light.”
— Ernest Brown, Ph.D.
You can buy the book here or visit http://ariellesring.net to learn more.

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