Brew, Sip, and Energize: Discover Sol-ti’s Sustainable Infuse Bottle and SuperMix

by Lisa Gal

This sustainable, chemical-free, double-glassed bottle includes a 2-in-1 “Infuse” Filter, perfect for creating your favorite fruit-infused water or brewing your organic tea blend. Brewing on the go has never been so simple! Sol-ti’s recommended uses: Tea, fruit-infused water, Smoothies, Water and Juice. Our NEW Sol-ti SuperMix is a SuperFood Trail Mix that is Sprouted and activated. Sprouting boosts bioavailable protein, antioxidants, and amino acids in nuts & seeds while sprouting also reduces anti-nutrients like phytic acid – making SuperMix easier to digest and absorb – for tasty, sustained energy! Sol-ti SuperMix offers a delightful range of four flavors, each brimming with unique and vibrant taste profiles. From invigorating tanginess to rich aromas, Sol-ti SuperMix caters to diverse preferences, providing a dynamic and refreshing experience.

We are absolutely delighted to include Sol-ti products in our Hollywood Swag Bags, which will be directly gifted to the fantastic nominees honoring the Emmys. These remarkable individuals are showing tremendous solidarity this month as they navigate through the challenges posed by the ongoing writer and actor strikes.

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