Scruples Hair Care Debuts Styling Products to Achieve a Red Carpet Look

With award season upon us, beauty enthusiasts get inspired by fashion and celebrity beauty looks on
the red carpet. Scruples Haircare, part of the Beauty Elite Group, is gifting three of its top styling
products (Silk Serum, Pearl Pomade and High Definition Hair Spray) to Oscar nominees and celebrities in
honor of the Oscar weekend.

Who is better to ask how to create glamor and red carpet hairstyles than Celebrity Hairstylist William
Whatley who is Scruples’ new Creative Education Director. Whatley returns to Scruples in an encore
performance after previous company roles along with his lead role on Ambush Makeover, spearheading
hair styling for fashion designers including Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and Vera Wang, then
several years of additional celebrity work with award shows and serving as hairstylist for an *NSYNC

“A go-to styling product is Scruples Silk Serum. I use the Silk Serum pre-blow dry to create shine and
silkiness to the hair,” he describes. “What I love most about Silk Serum is how it can literally change the
way that hair feels.”

If you have dry or frizzy hair, Whatley recommends applying root to the end before blow drying
completely as the serum protects the hair and lays down the cuticle making the hair feel like silk. “Hence
the name Silk Serum as it creates beautiful shine to any texture of hair.

“The Pearl Pomade is incorporated after I’ve used a hot tool or adding some texture or curl to the hair to
create separation and separate pieces that bring the hairstyle to life. What I love most about the Pearl
Pomade is that it’s very light, but very powerful in creating shine and removing any unwanted frizz to
the hair but it is extremely lightweight,” he adds.

Whatley then finishes off the style with Scruples’ High Definition Hair Spray as the finishing magical
touch to hold it all in place. It allows hair to still be brushed and you can reapply it all night long to keep
your hair in that perfect shape and look that you started your look with at start of day. 
“It has always been my favorite hairspray. It’s a workable hairspray. You can continually work with your
style with high definition, many layers of spray, and it is still brush-able,” Whatley explains. “This
product is great for styling updos or just a great hairspray to hold hair in place without making you feel
as if you have a lot of products in your hair.”

While these three products are important for me to create the perfect finish and red carpet look for my
clients, Whatley explains, “they allow me to have creative control on achieving the look that I want no
matter the texture of hair I am styling. Each of the three products has a specific job in creating a finished
look, but they all provide one thing in common – shine. Everybody loves shiny hair.”

With a legacy spanning over 30 years in the beauty industry, William Whatley is not just a Celebrity
Stylist and TV Personality but a transformative force whose influence extends across education, celebrity
collaborations, and captivating stage performances.

“Being in this industry for three decades and working with several different brands in my career,
Scruples products by far have a higher quality of performance than other brands that I have ever used,”
Whatley adds.


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