Brighton Hall: Nurturing Professional and Academic Excellence Since 1961

by Lisa Gal

Brighton Hall has a rich history dating back to 1961 when it was established as the San Fernando Valley Professional School, catering to young athletes and performers with a tailored home school program. Under the leadership of Director Angie Peiris since 1997, the institution underwent significant transformation, earning WASC accreditation and relocating to a vibrant campus in Burbank’s Media District in 2012.

Today, Brighton Hall offers a unique blend of academic rigor and flexibility, accommodating up to 100 students from grades 2 through 12. With a focus on college preparatory education, the school provides all University of California A-G coursework, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for higher education. What sets Brighton Hall apart is its flexible scheduling options, allowing professional students to attend classes on campus or virtually while on set or in the studio.

Under Ms. Angie’s guidance and alongside a dedicated faculty, Brighton Hall fosters a supportive and nurturing environment where students from diverse backgrounds thrive academically and professionally. Whether seeking a more intimate educational experience or pursuing a career in the arts or athletics, Brighton Hall remains committed to guiding students toward success.

It is always a pleasure to spread the word about Brighton Hall School. We are excited to share their information with the nominees honoring Oscar weekend.

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