Honouren Cabernet: A Tribute to the Fight Against Alzheimer’s

by Lisa Gal

In the picturesque landscape of Napa Valley, Round Pond Estates stands not only as a beacon of fine winemaking but also as a symbol of community and compassion. With heartfelt dedication, the Honouren Cabernet emerges as more than just a wine; it embodies a noble cause and a heartfelt tribute.

In honor of their beloved father and the countless others affected within the Round Pond community, we present Honouren – a special commemorative wine adorned with images of those impacted by Alzheimer’s. It’s their way of uniting the community and channeling support towards a cause that touches so many lives.

With each bottle sold, they proudly contribute 50% of the proceeds to organizations tirelessly working to combat Alzheimer’s disease. Beyond its rich flavor and exquisite aroma, the Honouren Cabernet represents solidarity, hope, and the power of collective action in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Join us in raising a glass to honor our loved ones and pave the way toward a future free from the grip of this relentless disease.

We are so excited to welcome to our gifting Round Pond Estates who will be gifting their Honouren, Cabernet. The wine that has a philanthropic tie-in to Alzheimer’s is a perfect fit for this year’s Oscar’s.

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