Crafting Community and Quality: The Coffee Break Café Experience

by Lisa Gal

At Coffee Break Café, it’s not just about serving coffee; it’s about crafting an experience that reflects they’re passion for superior quality and genuine service. Wondering what sets them apart from other coffee shops? It’s simple – they prioritize the art of handcrafted beverages tailored to each customer’s preferences. From meticulously stirring sugar into hot coffees to expertly mixing iced coffees “bartender style,” every drink is made with care and attention to detail.

But it doesn’t stop there. Their commitment to excellence extends to the ingredients they use. They source only the finest, real ingredients and hand-make every drink. Their beans come exclusively from certified Specialty Coffee roasters, ensuring freshness and a unique variety of flavors. Plus, they’re proud to offer fair trade and organic options.

Beyond coffee, they’re deeply rooted in their community. Supporting local businesses, artists, and musicians is at the heart of what they do. From hosting live music events to showcasing local artwork, they’re dedicated to creating a space where everyone feels welcome.

We are so excited to welcome Jennifer Ormond and her amazing coffee back to our nominee gifting in honor of Oscar weekend.

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