2020 Hollywood Swag Bag Red Carpet Nominee Gifts

We are very proud and honored to introduce our 2020 Hollywood Swag Bag Gift baskets to honor Oscar weekend. These brands will get their products directly into the hands of all the nominees. Each brand was hand selected and we are so very happy for each and every one of them. Hollywood Swag Bag is in no way affiliated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and would never want to be misconstrued as such. Hollywood Swag Bag has been delivering Awards Show Swag to various luxury hotels across Los Angeles since 2007.

“We are very selective with our brands” and don’t want to pack our brands into a $200,000 bag where products will get lost in the shuffle. Instead we pride our gift bags and baskets that are kept to minimum cost with a nice array of items that will not exceed a certain monetarily value so recipients need not worry about taxes on these baskets.”

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2020 Hollywood Swag Bag Gifting Opportunity

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2019 Luxury Hotel Swag Bag











For nominees and talent staying at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills honoring Emmy weekend. We are very proud to feature Sidewalk Angels Foundation as the charity of choice in our bags!

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2019 Hollywood Swag Bag Nominee and Talent Red Carpet Gift Bag

Introducing our fantastic swag for this weekend’s festivities honoring talent and nominees staying at a luxury Hotel Honoring Emmy Weekend! Always blessed to work on this amazing event!

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2019 Teen Awards Swag Lounge

So thrilled to have TOP talent at our 2019 Teen Awards Swag Gifting! Here is a sneak peek of cast from Nickelodeons “All That”, Iain Armitage “Young Sheldon” and Trevor Larcom from “Fresh Off the Boat”.

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