Hollywood Swag Bag Gifting Celebs at Four Season Beverly Hills for Emmy Weekend

Introducing our 2018 Swag Bags for talent and nominees staying at The Four Seasons this red carpet weekend! So proud of all of our brands!!! We are thrilled for you all!! 

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Last Call for Tiger Beat Teen Awards Gift Suite!

Hollywood Swag Bag and Tiger Beat Magazine have created a private, one on one gifting/branding experience for the nominees & presenters of the 2018 Teen Choice Awards. This is an amazing opportunity to associate yourself with some of young Hollywood’s top names in music, television, film and social media. The event will take place on Monday, August 6th at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA and is by appointment only.

If you choose to participate, we will need 100-125 items shipped to our office by Friday, July 27th. We will also need a high res of your logo as well as your social media handles. We will be broadcasting live from the event all day. In return, you will get a link to photos and videos of each celebrity with your brand! We will also be doing social media posts throughout the day.

Teen Choice HSB Promo


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Celebrity Gifting Opportunities for August and September 2018!

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Hollywood Swag Bag Gifts Red Carpet Talent Staying at Four Seasons Hotel Golden Globe Weekend

Introducing our amazing Hollywood Swag Bag for Four Seasons Hotel honoring Golden Globe Weekend! Congratulations to all of the amazing brands that are taking part!!! 

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Red Carpet Opportunities for the 2018 Award Season are Here!

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