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Four Seasons Hotel Hollywood Swag Bag in Honor of Oscar Weekend

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by Lisa Gal Gloss & Toss hair care, includes hair shine serum, dry shampoo, hair and scalp oil and even a detangle brush. The detangle brush works for wet and dry hair detangling as well as general styling. Their classic, light-weight & durable design includes contains 170 ultra-flexible bristles that provide flexibility and comfort during detangling …

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Introducing our 2017 Screen Actors Guild Award Gift Bag for Four Seasons Hotel Nominees and Talent

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Celebrity Shine in a Bottle

By Lisa Gal This light-weight velvety serum is what sets aside Gloss and Toss from other hair shine serums. It speeds up blow-dry time, fights frizz and controls unruly ends all while giving a beautiful polish and shine. Developed by Hollywood hair stylist Billy Lowe it is quickly becoming one of the hottest beauty must haves …

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