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Alyssa Milano Helps “Give Back” to deserving Moms with her Tweet!

A big shout out to Alyssa Milano for helping Hollywood Swag Bag give back to deserving mom’s with Whole Foods!!

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Hollywood Swag Bag Partners with Whole Foods to Gift Deserving Moms via Celebrity Baby Gifting

Hollywood Swag Bag is joining forces with Whole Foods Market to Gift New Mom’s across the country that are deserving of the finest baby swag. ¬†Whole Foods website will feature Hollywood Swag Bag’s Celebrity Baby Gift baskets every month and customers can help nominate deserving mother’s who are worthy of such amazing gifts!!

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Dot Jones Poses with her 2014 Award Season Hollywood Swag Bag and GIVES BACK!

We are thrilled that Dot Jones from Glee stopped by for her 2014 Emmy Swag Gift Bag from Hollywood Swag Bag! Thank you Dot for taking the time to help Hollywood Swag Bag Give Back!!

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Introducing The 2014 Hollywood Swag Bag Red Carpet Nominee Gift Bag

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2014 Official BET Awards BET Experience by Hollywood Swag Bag on the way to Staples Center

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