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Red Carpet Opportunities for the 2018 Award Season are Here!

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Chad Lowe Gives Back by Acknowledging his Baby Basket from Hollywood Swag Bag

A BIG THANK you to Chad Lowe for this thank you note! Now we will pay it forward in his honor to LA FAMILY HOUSING stay tuned two give back baskets going out in a couple weeks in honor of him and Kellie Martin who were sweet enough to acknowledge their gifts! We LOVE giving back!

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Jenna Von Oy Tweets Hollywood Swag with a Photo of her Hollywood Basket Baby Swag and GIVES BACK!!!

Jenna Von Oy Tweets us with a photo and GIVES BACK!!! We love the celebs that are kind and generous and love to pay it forward!https://twitter.com/JennavonOy/status/544494772526649345

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Alyssa Milano Sends a Note of Thanks!

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2015 Red Carpet Award Seasons Product Placement Opportunities With Hollywood Swag Bag

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