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Delving into the Worlds of Laurencia Hoffman: Remembering Names and Unraveling Fallen Knights

                    by Lisa Gal Laurencia Hoffman, a talented author with a knack for weaving gripping narratives, invites readers on a journey through her captivating novels, “Remember My Name” and “A Fallen Knight.” In “Remember My Name,” Hoffman skillfully explores themes of identity, resilience, and the enduring …

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Twenty-Three Titles and Counting

by Lisa Gal Laurencia Hoffman specializes in various sub-genres of romance. Her stories often focus on the darker side of fiction, but love and survival remain the central themes throughout her work. When she’s not writing, she runs a floral preservation and design business with her mother.    Laurencia has been writing since she was …

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Hollywood Swag Bags Four Seasons Hotel Gifting’s Biggest Night!

We are thrilled to have all of these amazing gifts heading to The Four Seasons Hotel to be gifted to all of the nominees and talent staying there on Hollywoods Biggest Night!!! 

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