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Drink Ramune For The “Fun” of It

by Lisa Gal We are excited to welcome back the fizzy, fun and refreshing asian soda Ramune to our Hollywood Swag Bags! The fun marble inside was initially created to hold in carbonation, but it is now a packaging innovation. Never have I had a soda that came with a challenge. You might have trouble opening the bottle at first, …

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New York Times Bestselling Author Gets You Fit with Yogalosophy

by Lisa Gal Celebrity fitness and wellness expert Mandy Ingbers latest book Yogalosophy for Inner Strength provides you a self-care program to help reduce stress with 5 quick stress reducing postures that you can do in the comfort of your own home. This 12-week wellness program is a perfect way to start out the new year by providing you …

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PRAI Beauty is more than a skincare brand.

by Lisa Gal I cannot tell you enough how much I love PRAI Beauty products. Their Platinum Firm & Lift Creme has a light aroma and dries to a powdery feel, leaving your skin soft and supple. This luxurious creme firms with one of Earth’s most coveted precious metals, Platinum and PRAI’s legendary PRAI Extract to aid …

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A New Twist in Seaweed Snacking

by Lisa Gal SeaSnax is an award winning premium roasted seaweed snack for the entire family,  They begin with sustainably-grown organic seaweed and roast it to perfection with just a touch of organic extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. With 25 calories per serving, SeaSnax is a healthier alternative to chips …

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