Wil Valor, Born Through Necessity, Developed by Passion









by Lisa Gal

Through style and confidence, Wil Valor assists clients to feel remarkable, enhance their opportunities and make the most of their moments.
To explore the Wil Valor brand further…Valor is about the Courage and Fortitude it takes to be remarkable, Wil is about the will of the person to achieve, succeed be the best version of themselves, and once you put on a Wil Valor suit this is who you become.
We proudly produce over 23 custom offerings that are stylish, unique, and adaptable to your personal style.
A well-established and trusted network of tailors in Italy and Hong Kong hand make the finest quality suits with world-renowned cashmere, silks, linens and wools.
Italian artisans handcraft our exquisite accessory range of pocket handkerchiefs, scarves, ties, walking sticks, shoe horns, umbrellas, and bags which complement our luxury suiting.
With an intimate custom suit-making experience, we ensure every element is considered for your business, wedding, occasion, or casual outfits.
It is of the utmost importance to us that each and every client looks and feels amazing. We appreciate a successful relationship is built on trust. We look forward to meeting with you and gaining yours.
We are thrilled to include Wil Valor’s bottle openers and shoe horns, made just outside of Milan, in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to nominees honoring Oscar weekend!

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